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A basaltic extrusive rock closely allied to chert, jasper, or flint. Also known as Lydian stone; lydite.



magmatic rock of porphyritic structure. In addition to plagioclase, olivine, and augite, it is composed of up to 15 percent leucite, nepheline, or analcime. Depending on the content of these three, basanite is classified as leucitic, nephelinic, or analcimic. Basanite is used for stone casting and as a facing material.

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Bowie glass and whole-rock analyses span a wide range of compositions, from basanite to near-trachyte, and cover the entire compositional range for the Pratt--Welker and other Gulf of Alaska seamount chains (Fig.
The volcanics in Bhm where least altered are petrographically basanite and alkali- basalt contain phenocrysts of olivine and augite with a groundmass consisting of plagioclase, pargasite, phlogopite and opaque and glassy material.
While those from Bhm are tephrite- basanite, basalt and picro-basalt and are alkaline in nature.
Phillipsite-K (with dominant potassium) was identified recently in zeolite assemblages of basanite diatre-mes from Jezova and Jeleni hora near Bela pod Bezdezem, northern Bohemia.
Mikasaite and basanite are not usually reported as primary minerals present in coal (e.
The volcanics are mainly basanites and tephrites, mildly to strongly alkaline, and akin to the intra-plate volcanic rock series.
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