Base Price

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Base Price


in Soviet economics, the price used as the basis for planning and statistical accounting in computing the indexes that characterize the dynamics of production, prime cost, and other indicators of national economic development. To the extent that the price level for one and the same product can differ from year to year, the determination and comparison of value indexes in the national economy (gross social product, national income, output of various branches of material production) for various years in current prices does not give a correct picture of real changes. Thus it is necessary to use base prices.

In capitalist countries, the base price is the price serving as a starting point for setting the price of a commodity of a specific quality, size, and chemical composition. The actual price diverges from the base price. There is a scale for increments and reductions in base prices. When market conditions change, base prices preserve a certain stability, but increments and reductions are subject to essential changes, resulting in a corresponding rise or fall in prices. The degree to which the actual price diverges from the base price is determined by the conditions under which the sale takes place and by the economic situation as a whole.


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1]298505); base price costlier than Lincoln MKZ by $450 (approximately a[sup.
Pune Warriors bought Australian captain Michael Clarke for his base price of Rs.
42 million, almost 86 per cent high than the base price.
It was the only supermarket chain to actually cut its base prices in January - by 0.
i) the percentage difference between the Current Price Index and the Base Price Index by
Besides its base price, the Head of BULOG also announced an increase in the prices of GKG and rice for purchases by BULOG from KUDs (village cooperatives) and non-KUDs.
Base prices range from $14,715 for a basic, two-wheel drive, regular cab 1500 model to $25,760 for a four-wheel drive, club cab 3500.
Prices aren't available until late summer, but should increase only slightly from the current base price of about $16,000.
For the 2008 Porsche Cayenne with its $43,400 base price ($58,900 Canadian), that engine is a 3.
THE Department of Telecommunications ( DoT) is looking at benchmarking the spectrum price for the next 2G spectrum auction to the February 2014 base price instead of the discovered price which is much higher.
CDB Value Based Pricing provides the granularity to enable customers to base price on DB2 data usage in an entire enterprise, in a processor complex, in an LPAR, in a DB2 subsystem, in a database, or even in a set of tables.
The Outback Sport's $17,995 base price includes everything a reasonable person should need.