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The band of frequencies occupied by all transmitted signals used to modulate the radio wave.


A transmission medium through which digital signals are sent without frequency shifting. In general, only one communication channel is available at any given time.

Ethernet is an example of a baseband network.

See also broadband.


Electronic data in their original form. Baseband refers to analog or digital data before being intermixed with other data. See multiplexing and modulation.

For Example
The output of an analog microphone is baseband. When an FM station's carrier frequency is stripped away in the radio (demodulated), the original audio signal that you hear is the baseband signal. See frequency modulation.

Ethernet transmission is considered baseband, because signals are not intermixed and occupy the full bandwidth of the line. In fact, "base" is part of the Ethernet version name (see 10Base-T and 100Base-T).

When a compressed digital audio signal such as MP3 is transcoded to another format, it is decompressed back to the original bit rate (the baseband signal) before it is compressed into the new format (for a specific example, see aptX). See baseband processor.

Baseband Video
In this cable TV set-top box manual, "baseband video" refers to the composite video signal from an analog VCR or camcorder, which comprises only video frames not intermixed with the audio. See composite video and carrier frequency.
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OKI will continue to develop base band LSIs compliant with the higher-speed wireless multilevel modulation method advocated by WILLCOM, and LSIs for next generation PHS systems with OFDMA technology as the core for enabling high-speed WiMAX-level mobile broadband.
The integration of key silicon content combined with Freescale software makes Freescale's new base band channel card offering a comprehensive and flexible WiMAX solution," said Flint Pulskamp, program manager for IDC.
TTPCom has established a world leading position with its GPRS, EDGE, and 3G protocol software; offers rapid customization of handsets through its AJAR applications framework; and develops both radio and base band cellular engines through its MACRO products.
TechnoConcepts has developed what is believed to be the first and only commercially viable technology that enables conversion of any raw wireless (analog) signal directly into digital base band data, regardless of frequency or frequency band - a characteristic known as "frequency agility.
Companies like Cree or Rockwell announced first commercial offers in SiC MESFET from base band up to S-band.
AuthenTec integrated the sensor with the 3800's Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) MSM6100 base band processor, which is one of the most widespread CDMA base band processors in the market today.