Basic Operating System

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Basic Operating System

(operating system)
(BOS) An early IBM} operating system.

According to folklore, BOS was the predecessor to TOS on the IBM 360 and it was IPL'd from a card reader. It may have been intended for very small 360's with no disks and limited tape drives.

BOS died out really early s disks such as the 2311 and 2314 became common with the IBM 360, whereas disks had been a real luxury on the IBM 7090.
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The HP Pavilion dm3-1010TX has a Intel Core 2 Duo SP9300 processor, an Intel GS45 chipset, 2G DDR3 RAM, a 320G 7200 rpm hard drive, a NVIDIA Geforce G 105M discrete graphics card and pre-installed genuine Windows 7 Home Basic operating system.
It reveals a basic Operating System for all human activities that potentially will present a leap for human resources development comparable to the leap in materialistic terms taken during the digital age.
Blue Share provides all layered functions needed with the exception of a TCP/IP networking stack and basic operating system fundamentals such as threads, and related synchronization mechanisms, which are now available from ThreadX, NetX and FileX.
The Scanner reports applications, fonts, kernel extensions and frameworks in addition to most all the basic operating system details as reported by the Apple System Profiler.
The basic operating system of the smart phone can be augmented by these applications, or apps, enabling users to play games, pay bills, shop and so forth.
devices to automatically generate basic operating system images
While the bulk of the systems will feature the new Windows 7* Starter or Home Basic operating system, consumers will have a choice when it comes to selecting an operating system, with some OEMs offering Moblin(TM) Linux v2 as an alternative for customers who desire a customizable and differentiated user interface.
Zucotto's embedded SLICE(TM) software, which binds Java applications to the Xpresso processor, combines a Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) Virtual Machine (VM) with basic operating system functionality and support for value-added extensions such as wireless multimedia.
However, the basic operating system simply provides a platform for applications, much like Microsoft Windows NT provides a platform for other companies' server programs.
This cost-effective service includes hardware replacement, basic operating system software maintenance, an easy to use web portal and client and 8x5 access to Cisco technical experts.
Digita File provides full management of all camera system files including images and Digita Scripts(TM), and adds basic operating system commands, including the ability to copy images, without the need for a PC.

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