(modern Ba§gedikler), a village in Turkey, 35 km east of Kars. During the Crimean War (1853–56), on Nov. 19 (Dec. 1), 1853, a battle took place in the vicinity of Başkadiklar between Russian and Turkish troops. The Turkish Army, which was retreating to Kars under the command of the saraskir Ahmed Pasha (36,000 men, 46 cannon), attempted near Başkadiklar to stop the advancing Russian troops commanded by General V. O. Bebutov (about 10,000 men, 32 cannon). Despite stubborn Turkish resistance, the Russian troops in an energetic attack crushed the right flank of the Turks and put the Turkish Army to flight. The Turks lost over 6,000 men and the Russians about 1,500.