Basket Makers

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Basket Makers,

name given to the members of an early Native North American culture in the Southwest, predecessors of the PuebloPueblo,
name given by the Spanish to the sedentary Native Americans who lived in stone or adobe communal houses in what is now the SW United States. The term pueblo is also used for the villages occupied by the Pueblo.
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. Because of the cultural continuity from the Basket Makers to the Pueblos, they have been jointly referred to by archaeologists as the Anasazi culture. They are so called because of their extensive practice of basketmaking; by covering the baskets with clay and baking them hard they created waterproof containers. One system of dating places their arrival in the area as early as 1500 B.C. They seem to have been at first nomadic hunters, using wooden clubs, hunting sticks, and the atlatlatlatl
[Nahuatl], device used to throw a spear with greater propulsion. Atlatls began to be used in the Americas in the post-Pleistocene period and were eventually replaced by the bow and arrow.
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. They lived chiefly in houses with adobe floors and learned to grow corn and squash, probably from southern neighbors in Mexico. As they developed a more extensive agriculture, they dug pits and lined them with stone for grain storage and later built substantial dwellings lined with slabs of stone. At some time, perhaps c.500 B.C., they were succeeded in the area by the ancestors of the Pueblo, who probably absorbed many of them. Some Basket Makers may have moved and may have been the ancestors of other Native American tribes. Archaeologists divide the time of their culture into the Basket Maker and Modified Basket Maker periods; in the latter period they turned increasingly to agriculture. See Natives, North AmericanNatives, North American,
peoples who occupied North America before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th cent. They have long been known as Indians because of the belief prevalent at the time of Columbus that the Americas were the outer reaches of the Indies (i.e.
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In June 2003, Charleston Sweetgrass was formed to bring 21st century support to basket makers.
She began as an amateur basket maker, but with determination and commitment she became one of the group's best basket makers, selling more and more baskets as the quality of her work improved.
This 'nine-to-five job' gave him time to pick up the age-old rural craft of basket making from the late DJ Davies of Caio, who had moved to St Fagans as a basket maker when it opened in 1948.
We read that the pub many years ago was a hostelry to serve the basket makers and farm workers.
Artisans, dancers, singers, and storytellers accompanied the carvers, drum makers, and basket makers to a showcase of the talent of the First Nations community of British Columbia.
Most basket makers like to strip honeysuckle bark because it spirals on the vine and tends to shed constantly unless removed.
Yet these deadly fighters were also expert weavers and basket makers, and developed complex religious ceremonies and dances.
Then there are the boatmen, who transport the salt to the wharf, porters and basket makers.
All of the proceeds go directly to the Haitian basket makers and enable them to become self-sufficient, feed their families and rebuild their villages.
They include alpaca farmers, who grow and create a wonderful range of clothing, knitwear designers, sculptors, woodworkers, jewellers, potters, basket makers, photographers and artists, to name but a few.
The street continued to host a variety of trades well into the 19th Century, including merchants, coopers, tanners, millwrights, leather workers, tinners, bakers, dressmakers, basket makers and lots of inns.