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Together with the refinery expansion, these technologies will contribute to optimised operations at the Basrah refinery, significantly boosting capacity.
The Provincial Reconstruction Team in Basrah funds the bimonthly newspaper, but plays no role in its content.
Four different crude grades have been sold via the the platform including Oman crude oil blend, Basrah Light, Basrah Heavy and Malaysian Kimanis.
The condensates were from associated gas treatment by Basrah Gas, which was setup in 2012 to capture and use flared gas from the Rumaila, Zubair and West Qurna 1 oil fields for usage in power plants and industrial plants and for export.
Summary: Dubai: Iraq will ship one less cargo of its main Basrah Light crude blend in .
Basrah Sabah Al-Bazoni, in which the Iraqi official accused Kuwaiti marine
The US forces are stationed in Talil base, 18 km south Nassiriya city, which contains about 4000 soldiers and administers operations in Basrah, Muthanna, Misan and Thi Qar provinces.
I've heard from the market that KNOC mainly stocks up Basrah and Oman.
The Theatre Honour Iraq 2003 and Battle Honour Al Basrah will now be displayed on the units' colours.