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Special technical processes included are painted grisaille, champleve, cloisonne, basse-taille and plique-a-jour.
However, the motet requires only two soloists: haute-contre and basse-taille.
The brand's highly skilled crafts people specialise in the plique-Ea-jour and basse-taille techniques often called as 'fire enamelling' and 'air enamelling.
The Falize family were largely responsible for the revival of basse-taille enamelling, where the depth to which the gold engraving is taken will determine the richness of the enamel," I was told.
76: dessus, d' -a"; has dessus, c' -a"; haute-contre, e-c"; taille, c-a'; basse-taille, E-d'; basse, F-e'.
The process generally used by David-Andersen is known as basse-taille.
From his explanation of the traditional French vocal disposition used here--dessus, haute-contre, and basse-taille (in various combinations) throughout--to the concise, yet informative details about the little known brass instrument called the buccin, Macdonald leaves no stone unturned.