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Of the 12 tries scored, Rob Miller and Joe Simpson each scored two with Frank Halai, Ashley Johnson, Elliot Daly, Jake Cooper-Woolley, Josh Bassett, James Gaskell, Dan Robson and Joe Launchbury one apiece.
Elliot Daly, Ashley Johnson, Matt Mullan and Joe Simpson, first-team regulars as the Ricoh-based club clinched a European Champions Cup place, have been joined by young prospects Sam Jones, Thomas Young and Will Rowlands, Yesterday's announcement follows the earlier deals agreed with Josh Bassett, James Cannon, Carlo Festuccia, James Haskell, Nathan Hughes, Ruaridh Jackson, Ben Jacobs, Joe Launchbury, Simon McIntyre and Phil Swainston.
Michael Bassett, James Joyce and Zack Baptiste were also involved in a separate conspiracy to supply cannabis "Those who involve themselves in the supply of drugs, particularly Class A drugs, can expect significant sentences.
Apart from Anzac Day addresses by Ambassador John Wood and Air Marshal Carey Adamson, the New Zealand contributions are from well-known historians: Michael Bassett, James Belich, Barry Gustafson, Michael King, Christopher Pugsley and Keith Sorrenson.
United Artists is distributing the Walter Hill-helmed pic, which stars Angela Bassett, James Spader, Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Forster.
I'm honored to have been asked,'' says the actor, who is now in his last week of filming the sci-fi epic with Angela Bassett, James Spader and Robert Forster.