Bat Conservation International

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Bat Conservation International (BCI)

Address:PO Box 162603
Austin, TX 78716

Established: 1982. Description:Dedicated to preserving the earth's biodiversity by protecting and restoring bats and their habitats worldwide. Works to advance scientific knowledge about the ecosystem that sustains various bat species and to educate the public about bats and their habitats. Members: 14,000. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: Bats Magazine (quarterly); free to members.

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Bats cannot sustain these impacts without it affecting their ability to recover," says Ed Arnett, the director of Science and Policy at Bat Conservation International.
For more information, contact Bat Conservation International, Scholarship Program, PO Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716; (512) 327-9721; www.
CONTACT: Bat Conservation International, (512)327-9721, www.
What a great way to kick-off International Year of the Bat," said Nina Fascione, Executive Director of Bat Conservation International.
We're proud to partner with Bat Conservation International for this global celebration to honor all that bats do for the environment," said Travis Wuest, whose family has owned the adjacent property of Natural Bridge Caverns for three generations.
To learn more about saving endangered bats, visit the Web site of Bat Conservation International at www.
The meeting, sponsored by Bat Conservation International of Austin, Texas, also gave bat experts the chance to cast the elusive and often feared mammal in a positive light.
based organization, Bat Conservation International.
It would have been useful to have mentioned a way to get in touch with Bat Conservation International to find out how individuals can help protect bats and encourage them to roost on their property by providing inexpensive bat boxes.
Of the 45 or so species in the United States, more than half are threatened or endangered, says Bob Benson, spokesman for Bat Conservation International.
And the Texas-based Bat Conservation International (BCI), founded in 1982 by world-renowned bat authority Dr.
If you are really serious, you can join a group called Bat Conservation International ($30 yearly); for membership information, call (512) 327-9721.