Bathurst Island

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Bathurst Island, Australia

Bathurst Island,

c.1,000 sq mi (2,590 sq km), Northern Territory, N Australia, near Melville Island, between the Timor and Arafura seas. The island is a reservation owned by the Tiwi people.

Bathurst Island, Canada

Bathurst Island,

7,609 sq mi (19,707 sq km), in the Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut Territory, N Canada. It is the present site of the North Magnetic Pole.
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Member for Arafura Francis Kurrupuwu said Tiwi Island Adventures would receive a $136,000 tourism grant to install flushing toilets at the Bathurst Island Lodge.
We thought Kerry had flown from Bathurst Island to Cornwallis but he was actually in the hunter's boat and the satellite was tracking him.
The company originally acquired a 100 percent option on the Oka claim group located on Bathurst Island from Cominco, together with their diamond properties on Somerset Island.
The agreement will grant recreational and commercial fishers, as well as fishing tour operators permit-free access to inter-tidal waters around the southern and eastern regions of Melville and Bathurst Islands, as well as the Vernon Islands.
1993 (oral history recording) Interview recorded 25 February 1993 at Nguiu, Bathurst Island, by Francis Good, TS; NTAS 226, Item TS 733.
The two trailing teams, ViP3 and Extreme Steps, were informed of the bear's presence in an area known as Polar Bears Pass on Bathurst Island.
Contract Awarded for bathurst island radome maintenance
The Tiwi Local Government on Bathurst Island also wants to obtain various older recordings of Tiwi to use for educational and cultural revival purposes.
Wurrumiyanga residents on Bathurst Island now have a secure water supply with the opening of a new water production and storage project today.
The data for this period comes from the annual returns of the Catholic mission on Bathurst Island to the Northern Territory administration and later returns from the government settlement at Snake Bay on Melville Island.
Priest's (1986) work refers to the signing system present at Melville and Bathurst islands by the Tiwi as 'finger talk'.
Eric Venbrux examines the impact of Tiwi involvement in tourism on Melville and Bathurst Islands in terms of social, economic and ecological consequences.