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in Greek religion and mythology, one of 12 primeval deities. The female Titan is also called Titaness. The Titans—six sons and six daughters—were the children of Uranus and Gaea.
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Jonathan Ross took on Jimmy Carr in a battle of the titans tennis match at the Royal Albert Hall, while the breakfast TV presenter Ben Shephard squared up to Fame Academy finalist Lemar in the boxing ring.
64 per cent of those who voted in the poll thought that Kauto Star would beat Denman in the battle of the titans.
In many respects it also put the Midlands into the spotlight as it was also a battle of the titans between two of the best known Midland MPs - John Profumo represented Stratford-Upon-Avon at the time.
MOSSBANK is napped to come out on top in the novice hurdlers' battle of the titans at Navan today and justify Michael O'Leary's gamble.
In the battle of the Titans for Mother Earth, Microsoft's Virtual Earth is slugging it out with Google's Earth.
This eagerly-awaited battle of the Titans will see Neath attempt to become the first side to win at Newport at semi-professional level.
Drury said: 'It is going to be a real battle of the titans at Telford.
The BTCC Masters Race, brainchild of series boss Alan Gow, will reunite the category's leading lights from the golden era of the past decade (including four erstwhile Peugeot drivers) and promises to be a battle of the titans as no fewer than eight former title-holders return to the fray in a bid to find out once and for all who really is the champ of champs.
WB is benching ``Gilmore Girls,'' its new drama about a mother and a daughter who are very close in age, to protect it from the fallout expected from the battle of the titans shaping up between CBS and NBC on Thursday nights.
Edgbaston Priory/UOB go to war with second placed Hallamshire in a battle of the Titans at Edgbaston Priory on Tuesday (7pm).
It's always been battle of the Titans, and the little guys take a beating.
You see consolidation among companies that serve the multinational customer, where it just will continue to be a battle of the titans.