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Thus we find the work of Hector Horeau, Anatole de Baudot, Jules Saulnier, and the American architect Henry Hornbostel.
Uma outra experiencia, que constitui uma das mais citadas, de entre as primeiras producoes, foi a do engenheiro electronico canadiano Jean Baudot, intitulada La machine a ecrire, realizada em 1964.
He succeeds Michel Baudot, president of Herdbook Charolais, the French Charolais breeders' association .
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There are, of course, many competing genealogies of computer-generated and digital poetry--Friedrich Block argues, for example, that the first random or probabilistic texts were written by Theo Lutz in 1959 (his "Stochastichte Text" which appeared in the German avant-garde literary journal Augenblick) using a Zuse Z 22 mainframe computer; such experiments in computer-generated poetry were then taken up by Nanni Balestrini of Italy, Jean Baudot of Canada, and Brion Gysin and Emmett Williams of the U.
The I/O device was an antique teletype in a wood case, using 5-bit Baudot code (before the time of ASCII).
The good news is that seasonal and impulse sales opportunities are increasingly recognised by retailers, according to Francois Baudot, UK director of operations at upmarket chocolatier and retailer La Maison Du Chocolat.
Baudot (2001) makes the point that for urban areas in less-developed countries, very often there are no census, property tax records or city planning data on population to work with, and even when such data are collected, the exponential growth rates of these cities makes the census data obsolete almost immediately.
Var Fire Chief Colonel Jacques Baudot said 28 fires broke out nearly simultaneously on Monday, and officials suspected arson.
The main personalities were described as Mary Bayer (former nun, contributor to sex education programs); Melanie Baudot and Lisa Cristini (two recent graduates of Peterborough's St.