Bay of Fundy

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Fundy, Bay of,

large inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, c.170 mi (270 km) long and 30 to 50 mi (50–80 km) wide, between New Brunswick and SW Nova Scotia, Canada. It is famous for its tide and tidal borebore,
inrush of water that advances upstream with a wavelike front, caused by the progress of incoming tide from a wide-mouthed bay into its narrower portion. The tidal movement tends to be retarded by friction as it reaches the shallower water and meets the river current; it
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; in its upper arms, Chignecto Bay and the Mínas Basin, tides reach 40 to 50 ft (12–15 m) in height and create the reversing falls of the Saint John River. At low tide, wide flats are laid bare, and the long estuaries of the rivers are drained. Many of the surrounding flats have been transformed into fertile farmland since Acadian settlers began to build dikes in the early 17th cent. Fishing and tourism are important today. St. John, N.B., is the chief port on the bay.
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This project will develop an acoustic sensing system to improve the detection and tracking of fish and marine mammals at tidal sites in the Bay of Fundy.
Deglaciation and marine submergence were contemporaneous events creating a broad embayment extending inland from the Bay of Fundy (Rampton et al.
They focus on the land campaigns fought on the Maine--New Brunswick border and the naval operations on the Bay of Fundy, fought primarily by ships based in New Brunswick's ports.
in the Bay of Fundy, can generally sing only one song type with several parts.
After his exile, Willard sailed to Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy.
Tantramar was the first place you could actually see the red clay of the Bay of Fundy if you hadn't stopped in Moncton overnight.
My first stop along Atlantic Canada's maritime coast was the sheltered harbor village of Alma, New Brunswick, just outside Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy.
The disagreement implicates the law and politics surrounding a new source of clean energy for the region, maritime security, Native American tribal sovereignty, marine environmental protection in the unique Bay of Fundy, bilateral economic relations, and high-level diplomacy between Ottawa and Washington.
Other contenders include Venezuela's Angel Falls, Canada's Bay of Fundy, the Maldives islands, Italy's Vesuvius volcano, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Lebanon's Jeita Grotto, Indonesia's Komodo national park and the Puerto Princesa underground river in the Philippines.
In celebration of the International Year of Chemistry, the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada and the induction of the Bay of Fundy as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, students from Riverview, N.
We set out on our boat from Brier Island, on the western point of Nova Scotia, and sailed out into the Bay of Fundy for around 30 minutes.