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1612–1638?, Ottoman prince; brother of Sultan Murad IV. Considering Beyazid a dangerous rival, Murad ordered his execution. Beyazid's death is treated in Jean RacineRacine, Jean
, 1639–99, French dramatist. Racine is the prime exemplar of French classicism. The nobility of his Alexandrine verse, the simplicity of his diction, the psychological realism of his characters, and the skill of his dramatic construction contribute to the
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's tragedy, Bajazet (1672).
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Some of the elite members of the Otto-royal family were: Devlet Hatun, married to Yyldyrym Bayezid Han; Emine Hatun, daughter of Dulkadiroy-lu Mehmed Suli, married Mehmed Ecelebi Han; Alime Hatun married Murad II, Murad Han; GE-lbahar Sultan, daughter of Dulkadiroy-lu Bozkurt, married Bayezid II; and Saty Hatun married Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han.
Earlier, Election Commissioner Balochistan Syed Sultan Bayezid said that the polling for 612 seats of Labourer and Peasant out of total 1486 began on 9am and continued upto 3 pm during which the elected members of Metropolitan, District and Union Councils voted in the favour their respective candidates.
This diplomatic connection between Berlinghieri's Florence and the princes Bayezid and Cem is a subject revisited throughout this book: they had been sent copies of the Geographia as carefully-crafted diplomatic gifts.
Many historians considered 30th August in 1492 as the beginning of official diplomatic relations between the two countries, when Ivan III had sent a trade delegate to Sultan Bayezid II in Ottoman dynasty.
5 million ballot papers have been printed, in different printing facilities of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, for local bodies' polls on December 7 in Balochistan but delivery to Quetta is delayed by one day, told the provincial Election Commissioner, Syed Sultan Bayezid.
Delivery of poling goods to other districts including Panjgoor, Washik, and Kharan will be completed on December 3, informed Syed Sultan Bayezid, claiming all arrangements have been completed and the LB polls' process will be completed on the scheduled time.
Project director of DMCH-2 Dr Bayezid Khorshed Reaz said the BMT will be established in the DMCH-2.
Among them are Ottoman-Mamluk relations and the complex image of Bayezid II, Venetians in the Levant in the age of Selim I, Egyptian civilian society and tax-farming in the aftermath of the Ottoman conquest, the Ottoman conquest and Egyptian culture, and the Ottoman conquest of Egypt and the arts.
Of those, he points out the military expedition of Tamerlane (AD 1336-1415) to Minor Asia, Rum that governed under the reign of Ildrum Bayazid (known as Bayezid I, AD 1354-1403), the first Ottoman supporter.
Bayezid I too (1481-1512) opened the gates of the empire for the expelled from Spain; his son, Selim, gave them the possibility to settle in any place.
He wanted to make his capital into a city of the book, and his son Bayezid II, or Bajazet, initiated a movement that led to the creation, around the mosques, of libraries and manuscript workshops.
Rescuers plucked 10 bloated bodies Monday from River Tetulia, where the overcrowded triple-deck ferry capsized late Friday, police official Mohammad Bayezid said.