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in the poetry of the Near and Middle Eastern peoples, a distich in any poetic genre—ghazal, qasida, rubaiyat, or mathnawi. It consists of two lines and can appear as a separate genre form. A distich must express a complete thought.

The verses making up a bayt can be rhymed or not, depending on the poetic genre. For example, in a ghazal or qasida the first bayt consists of rhymed verses and the second verses of the following bayts are rhymed with the second verse of the first bayt (a a, b a, c a . . . ). The size of a poetic composition is usually determined by the number of bayts.


1. A Muslim dwelling, generally for one family, e.g., a tent or house.
2. In the early Muslim palace complex, a separate dwelling unit.
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Dans un communique final sanctionnant ses travaux, la conference des donateurs a affirme, dans un paragraphe reserve a l'agence Bayt Mal Al Qods Asharif, que le plan strategique pour le developpement d'Al Qods doit prendre en consideration le role de l'agence, aussi bien en ce qui concerne les moyens financiers, la participation concertee dans l'execution des projets que de l'action accomplie tout au long de ces dernieres annees et l'experience cumulee au service de la ville sainte et de ses habitants.
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