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It is produced by Bazalt, which further refined the art with a much more effective variant, the RPG-27, equipped with the PG-29V tandem warhead.
We are thrilled to work with Bazalt as the exclusive publisher of MRL books in the Netherlands," said Dr.
Jacqueline Jurna, CEO of the Bazalt Group, added, "We're delighted to continue to work in partnership with MRL and build on the eight-year relationship we've been enjoying with their team.
Bazalt is confident that the PBK-500U will be ready for sale in five years time.
Numerous anti-tank rocket launchers have been developed in Russia, with Bazalt historically being the leader since 1958 with the famous RPG-7V.
Bazalt believes that the RShG-l has no competitors on the global arms market and, with its excellent sales prospects, may be a weapon U.
3 Diabaz Bazalt Filit Characteristic Croatia Austria Slovenia Resistance to fragmentation 15 15 20 (LA) Resistance to abrasion 8 8 10 (micro-Deval) Frost resistance ([Mg.
Passage," the youthful artist's fifth solo exhibition, opened Tuesday evening at Bazalt, a bar in Gemmayzeh -- a quarter specializing in such watering holes.
Sara Abou Mrad's "Passage" is displayed until April 30 at Bazalt in Gemmayzeh, next to Electricite du Liban.
Able 2 Products Company, Alliant Techsystems, AMTEC, BAE Systems plc, Bazalt, Boeing, Centech, Chemring Defense, Combined Tactical Systems, Inc.