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Crathorne take on bottom-placed Bazookas this weekend.
DAVID BAIRSTOW: used to bemoan that other counties had bazookas to our peashooters
The author of Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly follows up with another set of fun yet informative science demonstrations.
Everywhere are military checkpoints, soldiers toting automatic rifles, accordion-wire barricades, and sandbagged machine guns and bazookas.
Northern Alliance forces have found more than 5,000 small arms, bazookas and other light weapons in three Kabul houses that have reportedly been abandoned by the al-Qaida network after the fall of Kabul.
For girls, shocking-pink aisles filled with princess play sets; for boys, black and battleship gray aisles filled with lasers, tasers, swords, and bazookas.
The reader loses count of the number of times his immediate surroundings were pounded by helicopter gunships, MiG fighter-bombers, mortars, bazookas, rockets, or just plain bullets.
All Rayovac battery production was diverted to the armed forces during the war to power everything from bazookas to radio communications, and the company invented a new longer-lasting battery technology in response to the special needs of the hot and humid climate of the Pacific theater.
Eaglescliffe Bazookas also won, defeating Thornaby Aerodrome Club 2-0, while Norton Red Lion continued their unbeaten run with a 5-2 home win over Thornaby Sports & Leisure.
But the fake reproductions of wartime battles involving mortars, bazookas and Bangalore torpedoes used to clear any obstructions were so loud and realistic armed police showed up with sirens blaring and had to be sent back on their way, the organisers said.
After reading Zev Yaroslavsky's statement that you can buy bazookas and rocket launchers at the Great Western Gun Show, I had to laugh.
Two kilos of TNT, a car bomb, anti-tank bazookas, mortars, grenades and pistols were found in a garage near Dresden after a tip-off.