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(operating system)
The operating system originally designed to run on the BeBox microcomputer. BeOS is good at both multitasking and real-time operation. It has a bash command shell, with ports of many GNU programs by Be, Inc. It has a GUI front end (not X). A C++ compiler is supplied with the machine, and there are rumours of other languages being ported in the future.

BeOs eventually became used on the x86 and standard PPC.

Be, Inc. went bankrupt in 1999, after releasing the last upgrade of BeOS (R5.0.3), and was sold to Palm.

Several groups are currently (2003) attempting to create an R6 version of the OS. The most likely to succeed are Yellowtab and OpenBeOS, which is likely to be renamed.
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With special attention to Mary Sawyer's report on the harassment of black elected officials, which was the first of its kind, Musgrove argues that the failure to distinguish between actual harassment of BEOs and legitimate investigations of corruption undermined claims of repression.
Based on BeOS, Stinger is fully customizable and supports popular streaming audio and video standards.
Most of the unpaid BEOs supported Bando Osmena Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) in the last election, said the official.
BeOS claims there are now over 1,000 applications available for BeOS.
Be Inc has licensed Canopus Corp's DV codec software to enable users of the BeOS multimedia operating system to capture still pictures and video images direct to hard disk without additional hardware.
The European arm of Fujitsu Ltd is to ship multimedia PCs pre-installed with both Be Inc's BeOS and Microsoft Windows 98, aimed at the PowerPC/PowerMac markets.
Be Incorporated (Nasdaq:BEOS), the creator of the BeIA and BeOS operating systems, today announced it has received notification from the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
In fact, we're doing our best to let other browsers - BeOS versions of Opera and Mozilla, to name two - flourish on the BeOS platform without playing games with OS features, or with commercial relationships.