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a small canopy used as a protection against the sun in China, Egypt, and elsewhere in remote antiquity. It was often an emblem of rank. During the Middle Ages the umbrella became almost extinct in Europe; its usefulness was not rediscovered until the late 16th cent., when it was introduced as the parapluie (Fr.,=against the rain). Its use did not become general, however, until the late 18th cent., when it is said to have been introduced in England by Jonas Hanway; umbrellas were first manufactured on the Continent after 1787. Their construction has not varied greatly through the ages though modern materials, such as steel for the ribs and synthetic fabrics for the covering, have replaced the oiled paper, bamboo, and wood of the ancient versions. In the mid-19th cent. the parasol (Fr.,=against the sun) emerged, distinguished from the umbrella in being solely a sunshade, and became, until the coming of the automobile, a necessary accessory of dress. Within the obvious limitations of its form, the modern umbrella has taken on a variety of shapes, from nearly flat to the long, curved bird-cage design.

What does it mean when you dream about an umbrella?

The open umbrella protects the dreamer from the waters of the emotional unconscious when the unconscious showers its lessons upon the conscious self. If the umbrella is closed and the water freely pours upon the dreamer, it indicates that the dreamer is open to his or her feelings and emotional needs.


Zoology the flattened cone-shaped contractile body of a jellyfish or other medusa


In dreams, umbrellas usually symbolize the device that the conscious mind uses to protect itself from the unconscious. Umbrellas might symbolize our unwillingness to deal with negative emotions, psychological baggage, or trauma. If the umbrella is opened, you may be protecting yourself from unconscious materials. If the umbrella is closed, then you may be prepared and be willing to deal with the unfamiliar psyche. Old dream interpretations say that the umbrella is the symbol of security. If the umbrella is broken or turned inside out, your ultimate achievement is possible but delayed.
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