Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears National Monument,

201,876 acres (81,696 hectares), SE Utah; est. 2016. Named for prominent twin buttes, the national monument as proclaimed by President Obama was more than six times larger (1,351,849 acres/547,074 hectares) and contained an estimated several hundred thousand archaeological sites and many areas sacred to several Native American tribes as well as fragile wildlife habitat, set in a rugged landscape of desert mesas, sandstone canyons, and forested highlands. The severe reduction ordered (2017) by President Trump was supported by those in Utah who had opposed the designation of the extensive monument (and attacked by monument supporters), but the presidential authority to order the reduction was unclear, and the move was challenged in the courts.
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Senator Cantwell challenged Secretary Zinke on the numerous ways his actions since taking office abdicated responsibility for stewardship of our natural resources and the public good, including removing over 2 million acres of the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase in Utahopening up drilling on the outer continental shelf waters to oil and gas leasing in places that the United States has previously turned downand allowing trophy hunters to import tusks and other elephant body parts.
Bears Ears National Monument has been in the news of late as the Trump administration sought to dramatically scale back its protected acreage.
Utah officials lobbied for scaling back Obama-designated Bears Ears National Monument, which the Trump administration now plans to reduce by 85 percent.
5-million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah, considered sacred by a number of Native American tribes, by 85 percent, according to plans leaked ahead of the announcement.
Concern over the illegal artifact trade was instrumental in the Obama administrations decision in December 2016 to designate the area targeted by the operation as the Bears Ears National Monument, named for a pair of buttes that resemble the ears of bears.
The president issued two proclamations Monday to reduce the size of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, as well as the Bears Ears National Monument, and to allow mining in the newly public lands, and conservation groups filed a lawsuit against it a few hours later.
A lot of people still don't know what Bears Ears National Monument is; it's relatively new.
3 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument, informed Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.
And echoing Stegner's compilation, last year every member of Congress received a copy of Red Rock Testimony, a celebration of endangered Bears Ears National Monument with stories by writers from Navajo Poet Laureate Luci Tapahonso to former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt.
Conservation groups, state attorneys general and Native American tribes, including the five tribes which lobbied to create one of the sites under review -- Bears Ears National Monument in Utah -- have already said they plan to challenge any changes in court.
Obama created Bears Ears National Monument through the Antiquities Act of 1906, which gives presidents unilateral power to establish national monuments.
Bears Ears National Monument is sacred land to native people in Utah.