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In the autumn of 1964 he became the Beatles' official chauffeur during the height of Beatlemania.
The new Beatlemania has surprised many people, especially because so many buyers of the new CD are under 20.
50) Relive Beatlemania, from Liverpool to Abbey Road (party favors, champagne and dessert included) at the Madrid Theatre, 21622 Sherman Way, Canoga Park.
BEATLEMANIA returned yesterday with the release of remastered copies of the Fab Four's studio recordings and a new computer game.
Some 45 years after the first wave of Beatlemania, the album charts are expected to be swamped with 14 revamped albums by the band by this weekend, while the group is also expected to top the video game charts with the newly developed Beatles Rock Band.
It was not quite Beatlemania but more than 1,000 fans were waiting at Los Angeles Airport as the plane touched down.
Now the song, which was recently found among a museum collection of Beatlemania, has been completed by Merseyside writer Dean Johnson and premiered on a local BBC radio show.
99 IT'S like Beatlemania all over again, as the Fab Four are gloriously re-rendered into a video game for the very first time.
The Beatlemania rooms are full of 1960s merchandise ranging from dolls, chewing gum, clothes, bubble bath, aftershave, wigs, crockery, bedding and even stockings.
EVEN the most adverse weather conditions couldn't stop Beatlemania from hitting the city when the Fab Four played the Coventry Theatre as part of their first National tour, supporting singer Helen Shapiro.
The musical charts the rise of the world's most successful rock 'n' roll band from their humble beginnings in Liverpool's Cavern Club through the height of Beatlemania.
Ringo Starr's home is a significant beacon of Beatlemania.