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a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch consisting of a thin circular piece of brass, which vibrates when clashed together with another cymbal or struck with a stick



an orchestral percussion instrument consisting of a brass disk 400 mm in diameter with a leather strap attached to the center on the outside. When struck together in pairs, cymbals produce a prolonged ringing sound.

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Susanne Becken, Director of GIFT, said a This agreement is a two way street.
Dr Becken will discuss current global tourism growth projections at the second World Green Tourism Conference running from December 5 to 7 in Abu Dhabi.
The high profile nature of the summit will enhance the effect of my message," said Dr Becken, who currently leads two government-funded tourism programmes in New Zealand.
However, a demonstration of ImageNow functionality made an immediate impression on Becken and her colleagues.
The Hamburg-based Becken Group is participating in the purchase, which was completed at the end of last year, as a co-investor.