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The witness also told how he was sexually abused by a nun while she was talking to him about bedwetting.
And only a fifth of mums sought help from their GP the survey, released for World Bedwetting Day today, discovered.
DR Chinnaiah Yemula, a consultant paediatrician and leading authority on bedwetting - or nocturnal enuresis - says children up to five haven't usually developed a fully matured bladder, so it's not considered abnormal.
It is only a problem after the age of and only if it bothers the child and If the child is not concerned their bedwetting they will not interested in working to stop it.
Furthermore, it's been pointed out by a number of individuals (including those suffering from incontinence) that, in general, traditional style cloth and disposable diapers tend to be more absorbent and provide better protection than pull-on style products for more severe forms of incontinence such as bedwetting.
Barone also advises parents not to wait too long to seek medical help if their children develop a bedwetting problem that persists past the age of six or seven, or are still wetting themselves during the day past the age of five or six.
A guideline on the management of bedwetting from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (now called the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) says that enuresis can have a deep impact on a child's behavior and emotional well-being and that treatment has a positive effect on self-esteem.
The emotional toll on families can be frustrating, so we created GoodNites TRU-FIT as a discreet and reliable bedwetting solution that can also boost their child's confidence and self-esteem," says Kimberly-Clark Brand Director of Childcare, Melanie Huet.
5 The Bedwetting CME and accompanying educational pages within the Bedwetting Knowledge Centre intend to address this misconception by educating healthcare professionals on how to correctly diagnose, treat and manage the condition.
My oldest son had a problem with bedwetting and was unable to attend sleepovers because he didn't want his friends to know he wore pull-ups at night.
ISLAMABAD -- Most children who wet the bed will outgrow it, and treatment is necessary only if bedwetting is upsetting to the child, according to new guidelines from the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS).
Children's charity Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence (ERIC) has been honoured at the British Medical Association's Patient Information Awards 2012 for their website and information leaflet ERIC's Guide to Teenage Bedwetting.