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Beefmaster cattle:

see Brahman cattleBrahman cattle,
breed of beef cattle developed in the S United States in the early 1900s by combining several breeds or strains of zebu cattle of India. Brahman cattle have a very distinctive appearance with a hump over the shoulders, loose skin under the throat, and large
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2010) indicated the variation in the pregnancy rate of Beefmaster cows in different seasons in a year.
We raise Limousin and Beefmaster cattle and finish them on grass, get them custom-processed down in Navasota, and deliver meat to folks.
This year the variety on offer includes the following breeds: Beefmaster, Braford, Bonsmara, Brahaman, Brangus, Braunvieh, Charolais, Drakensberger, Santa Gertrudis, Simbra, Simmentaler and Sussex, while the female animals are stud or crosses of these breeds, and mostly certified as pregnant.
Al igual que en otros estudios, no se registraron diferencias entre individuos de 4 y 6 dientes (22), siendo nuestros valores similares a los informados por algunos autores (3) y superiores a los obtenidos por otros en novillos cruza Bonsmara x Beefmaster (2).
In 2009, the Beefmaster herd was added to the Southern Cattle program.
Nolan Ryan's All-Natural Beef, which markets Nolan Ryan's Grass Fed Beef, Nolan Ryan's Guaranteed Tender and Nolan Ryan's Texas Beef lines, is an operation of Beefmaster Cattlemen and owned by baseball Hall of Famer and Texas rancher, Nolan Ryan and several of his ranching partners.
Examples of composites that have been around a long time include Beefmaster, Brangus, Santa Gertrudis, Red Brangus, Braford, and so on.
Weighty ones like Goliath, Beefmaster and Park's Whopper are featured along with cluster tomatoes like JellyBean, Green Grape and Micro Tom.
It's home to whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkeys--and handsome Beefmaster cattle.
Director of Yalobusha County Farm Bureau; National Director of Beefmaster Association, Denver, Colo.
On arrival at the abattoir the three breeds of cattle; Bonsmara, Brahman and Beefmaster were identified according records from the farmers.
Others (like Beefmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Brangus, Polled Herefords, Red Angus, Senepol, Hays Converter, etc.