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portable shelter of canvas, skins, felt, matting, or other material usually supported by poles and used chiefly by nomads, hunters, and campers. Tents have been used by pastoral peoples since ancient times and are mentioned in the Old Testament and in Homer. Persian tents, usually circular, were early noted for rich hangings and rugs. Army tents developed by ancient peoples include the small, skin-covered tents of the Greeks and the Roman tents of canvas supported by two upright poles and a ridgepole. Medieval military tents were round or oval and were often lavishly hung with silks or furs. Army tents were widely used in Europe in the 17th and 18th cent. but are now employed chiefly for training purposes. Modern types include bell tents with a central pole; the A tents with sides sloping from a ridgepole; and the marquee, a large field tent, used for mess or hospital shelters. Smaller tents for recreational camping and backpacking include dome, "flashlight," and other designs that typically use shock-corded aluminum or fiberglass poles and lightweight fabrics. The yurt, a circular, felt-covered structure of latticework surmounted by curved poles fitted at the top into a ring forming a smoke hole, has long been used by nomads of the Asian steppes. Desert tribespeople of W Asia and North Africa generally use a ridgepole tent. One of the simplest tent forms is the windbreak, which was mainly used in Patagonia. See also tepeetepee
or tipi
, typical dwelling of Native North Americans living on the Great Plains. It was usually made by arranging tent poles into a conical frame and spreading skins, usually buffalo hide, tightly over it. An aperture was generally left at the top for smoke.
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What does it mean when you dream about a tent?

A tent in a dream could mean protection or it could mean feeling a part of the natural world. Tents can be symbols of nomadic life, of feeling on the move and not being able to put down roots.


1 Med
a plug of soft material for insertion into a bodily canal, etc., to dilate it or maintain its patency


Obsolete a red table wine from Alicante, Spain
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Milborne St Andrew has a scenic backdrop and well placed beer tent but viewing is poor
For over two months, construction workers labor to raise 14 wood-frame, circus-sized beer tents, representing six beer brands.
Attractions will include a sheep show, dog shows, terrier racing, hound Trials, sheep dog trials, wrestling, a fell race , a craft tent, farmers' market, trade stands, beer tent, refreshments, amusements and Rothbury Pipe Band Display,
Visitors to the fair can buy food to take home or enjoy it there and then in an outdoor seating area with a Pimms and champagne bar, beer tent and live music.
Coined “bikes, beers and the best of the best” by race directors, the 2013 Cherry Roubaix Bike race hosts a race-side viewing Microbrew Beer Tent for fans ages 21+ in Old Town at the corner of 8th and Union and sponsored by Right Brain Brewery.
Liquid Vibes, a lager beer, was named the official beer of Gathering of the Vibes, sharing space in the beer tent with Saranac IPA and Saranac Summer Ate.
50 racecard has no form guide and the choice of a mobile bar, rather than a beer tent offering shelter from the elements, is also questionable.
The team, called All Scared Penfolds, an anagram of their practice Calfordseaden LLP, have courageously volunteered to do battle with uncompromising gradients and barmaid lures to 'rehydrate' en route, soothed only by the promise of the music and beer tent just 70 miles later.
He repeated the point when he appeared at a beer tent in Berlin later to open a beer festival.
On the day there was something for everyone ranging from birds of prey to bouncy castles, jazz bands, burgers and balloon races, and a beer tent.
There will be a Calders Beer tent, a barbecue, a players autograph tent, a live band and a rugby skills challenge.