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While I enjoyed the article "Money to Burn" (Volume 11, Issue 7), I beg to differ about referring to Bombardier as the industrial arm of the Liberal party.
As for their music being "a real turnoff," I beg to differ.
So perhaps I am going to have to beg to differ with many of my friends and colleagues over these MacMillan "spectaculars.
I respectfully beg to differ, especially given the context of a candidate, campaign, and movement that wrapped themselves in the conceit of "truth telling.
Anyone who's heard Lembit on his harmonica may beg to differ.
The marketing of Chelsea has also extended its reach north, into Clinton, though the city maps beg to differ on where this booming neighborhood ends in the west 20's.
I beg to differ with the quote, attributed to Ethan Temeles in "Flowers, not flirting, make sexes differ" (SN: 7/22/00, p.
Those small Texas cities--now struggling with high unemployment--might well beg to differ.
Even though officers Meadows and Duran were apparently cleared of any wrong doing by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, we beg to differ with this decision and look at its 'investigation' as one of professional courtesy -- simply one hand washing the other.
I BEG to differ with Tynan Weir of Low Fell (Views of the North, August 6).
WITH respect, I must beg to differ about the letter from Kathy Keig re Radio Merseyside.
BOLTON 5 Davies (pen 18, pen 90+3), Lee (39), Elmander (50, 72) NEWCASTLE 1 Carroll (52) BOLTON boss Owen Coyle insists the prospect of the Reebok Stadium once more playing host to European football next year is "fanciful" - but a growing number beg to differ after his side's 5-1 trouncing of Newcastle.