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It also begs the question why have we not heard words of disagreement from Mayor Dave Budd and the other Labour members of the committee.
And if the answer to that is yes, then it begs the question whether a congestion charge should be considered.
With a fuel economy of almost 38mpg, it only begs the question - why did Jaguar not start making diesels 20 years ago?
This begs the question of whether one can or should be neutral in the midst of a culture war especially if one is clear about what is at stake.
It all begs the question, is rural the next big thing?
It's true that not all students will thrive in a highly competitive environment (which begs the question of whether they're suited to a career in dance at all).
The inspiring documentary begs the question whether this type of curriculum assesses a student's comprehension better than a standardized test.
Inco, not incorrectly, says it doesn't want to fix a completely inefficient refinery with cheaper options available elsewhere which begs the question of how and why they created this dinosaur in the first place.
This begs the question as to whether the "new world" supposedly revealed by art is, in fact, anything more than a sentimental mirage in the eye of its beholder.
Which begs the question, what could be better than that?
The report is the third in as many years to highlight the crisis and begs the question, how long will it take the assembly to start making a real difference?
Which begs the question, what is your real intent: To change the environment, or to promote a political agenda?