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Beijing University


Peking University,

at Beijing, China; founded as Metropolitan Univ. 1898, renamed Peking Univ. 1911, absorbed nontechnical departments of Qinghua (Tsinghua) Univ. and merged with and moved to the campus of Yanjing (Yenching) Univ. 1952. Divided into six colleges, it is China's foremost liberal arts university and has a large mathematics and science faculty as well. Some 80 research institutes and centers are affiliated with the university. The university library, the largest such library in China, contains over 4 million volumes, including more than a million thread-bound Chinese books. During the Second Sino-Japanese WarSino-Japanese War, Second,
1937–45, conflict between Japanese and Chinese forces for control of the Chinese mainland. The war sapped the Nationalist government's strength while allowing the Communists to gain control over large areas through organization of guerrilla units.
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, the university relocated to Kunming, Yunnan, and with Tsinghua and Nankai universities formed the National Southwestern Associated Univ. From 1966 to 1970, during the height of the Cultural RevolutionCultural Revolution,
1966–76, mass mobilization of urban Chinese youth inaugurated by Mao Zedong in an attempt to prevent the development of a bureaucratized Soviet style of Communism.
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, Beijing Univ. was closed.
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Beijing University Vice President Lin Junjing held an open-air meeting with the students in the predawn hours Wednesday, telling the demonstrators the university understood their concern.
Clinton's speech to Beijing University students also was broadcast on television and radio.
Many of the embryos cannot be classified, but some display a distinctive pattern of division at the four-cell stage, according to Knoll, Shuhai Xiao of Harvard, and Yun Zhang of Beijing University.
NASDAQ:PMCS), the premier Internet infrastructure semiconductor solution provider, today announced that the winners of its 2009 scholarship program presented findings of their in-depth research in Packet Transmission Network (PTN) and Optical Transport Network (OTN) technologies at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).
SAN DIEGO, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- HUYA Bioscience International, a leader in globalizing China's biopharmaceutical innovation, today announced a strategic partnership with the School of Chinese Materia Medica of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM).
Participants of the event are representatives of Confucius Institutes of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and universities-partners of China, including those of Beijing University, Beijing University of languages and culture, Beijing University of external economy and trade, pedagogic university and 18 universities of central, north-eastern, and southern regions of China.
The fifth annual NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy, jointly sponsored by the National Bureau of Economic Research and the China Center for Economic Research at Beijing University, took place in Beijing on June 30-July 2.
Haidian is the site of Beijing University and Tsinghua University, two of China's most prestigious higher education centres.
On Sunday, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Chinese scientists at Beijing University had assembled a device that can observe the resonation of cesium, the building block for the world's most accurate chronometer, the atomic clock.
Expanding on that theme, Clinton told students at Beijing University that in the global information age, ``constant improvement and change is necessary to economic opportunity and to national strength.
It is being run in partnership with Beijing University and students spend six months practising in China.
Dangermond traveled to China to help launch GIS educational laboratories at two top universities: Beijing University and Beijing Normal University.

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