Peking man

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Peking man:

see Homo erectusHomo erectus
, extinct hominin living between 1.6 million and 250,000 years ago. Homo erectus is thought to have evolved in Africa from H. habilis, the first member of the genus Homo. African forms of H.
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Peking man

[′pē‚kiŋ ′man]
Sinanthropus pekinensis. An extinct human type; the braincase was thick, with a massive basal and occipital torus structure and heavy browridges.
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Erectus fossils continue to be found at the famous Beijing Man, or Peking Man, site, which was first excavated in the 1920s, they add.
But a China panicked and frightened, New Delhi should understand that sooner than later, Deuba has to vacate the seat to be replaced by Khadga Prasad Oli-a close chum of India now turned a Beijing man presumably.
But activist Wang Jinsi, a Beijing man who has pressed the congress to approve a memorial day, says the stamps and movies do not go far enough.
The 73-year-old Beijing man, unidentified by the authorities, fell ill with signs of atypical pneumonia and was hospitalized upon his return to mainland China, Hong Kong's health officials said.

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