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Bektashija, an order of dervishes and the members of this order; according to legend, they were formed in Asia Minor by the dervish Haji Bektash, who is assumed to have come from Middle Asia. The beliefs of the Bektashi are a mixture of various elements of Muslim (mainly Shiite) and Christian sectarianism. They lived in dervish settlements (takiyah or zawiyah). They owned considerable land. The role of the Bektashi became particularly large in the Ottoman Empire, where they became the protectors of the janissaries. In 1826, after the elimination of the janissary corps, the order of the Bektashi was officially closed, but in fact it existed in Turkey until the liquidation of the dervish orders in 1925, after which the center of the Bektashi moved to Albania.


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Especially in the last decade, Turkey has also started to discuss diverse Islamic sects, such as the question of Alevis and Bektashis, in workshops organized by the government, various institutions, and think-tanks.
I have tried to ensure that the Iraqi Alevis and Bektashis attend these festivals, as I consider them a natural part of Turkey; but my efforts have not worked.
Ali Balkiz, chairman of the Federation of Alevis and Bektashis, said that they would support the new leftist formation.
Moosa describes versions of the Shabak, the Bektashis, the Ahl-i Haqq (or Ali Ilahis) (Moosa 1988: 115-119), the Ibrahimiyya (166).
Didn't everyone know that's what the Bektashis did?
Bektashis are estimated to represent 25 percent of the Muslim population.
The leader of the Bektashis in Gjakova, Baba Mumin Lama, told me that in Bektashi teqet or "lodges" four books are always present: the Torah, the Psalms, the New Testament, and the Qur'an.
Irene Melikoff's attempt at synthesis, and the two conference volumes, follow on the heels of three collections of papers published by Editions Isis in Istanbul, two consisting of Melikoff's own scattered articles: Sur les traces du soufisme turc: Recherches sur l'Islam populaire en Anatolie (1992); De l'epopee au mythe: Itineraire turcologique (1995), and one consisting of papers presented at a conference on the Bektashis held at Strasbourg on 29 June--2 July 1986: Bektachiyya: Etudes sur l'ordre mystique des Bektachis et les groupes relevant de Hadji Bektach, ed.
So many, in fact, that some members of Albania's parliament have proposed a law that would forbid any missionary activity not connected with one of Albania's four established religions - Islam, Roman Catholicism, the Bektashis and the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Holding a press conference on Friday, AVF Chairman Cemal Canpolat stated that the Alevis and Bektashis have decided to vote for yhsanoy-lu.
Bektashis were estimated to represent approximately one-quarter of the country's Muslim population.