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(bē`lə), the same as BelaBela
, in the Bible.

1 First king of Edom.

2 Benjamin's first son. An alternative spelling is Belah.

3 City later called Zoar.
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The area was cleared at least 50 years ago, and only isolated relict specimens of the original upper storey vegetation (brigalow, belah and poplar box) remain.
The sloping (2%) brown clay soil supported brigalow (Acacia harpophylla), poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea), and belah (Casuarina cristata) vegetation before clearing in 1963 and has been cropped continuously since 1966.
Specifically political events began in Deir Al Belah with another symposium entitled, "The right to return at this juncture," will be held on Tuesday and is sponsored by the Popular Committee.
Brampton Infants pounds 2,807, Great Orton Primary pounds 67, Irthington Village pounds 6,468, Welton pounds 9,546, Thomlinson Junior pounds 25,089, Broughton Moor Primary pounds 1,354, Tebay Community Primary pounds 8,726, Belah Primary pounds 118,356, Newtown Community Primary pounds 57,023
The native vegetation was brigalow and belah (Casuarina cristata) and clearing took place ~35-50 years ago.
Gaza / PNN -- Israeli forces razed large areas of land in the central Gaza Strip between Deir Al Belah and Al Maghazi Tuesday evening.
In a culture that still relies mainly on mental maps, the elders speak of their ancestral land encompassing an area described as: From Gunung Murud (eastward) to Ra'an Bulu' to Apad Gerawat to Buduk Udan to Ra'an Mekang to Ra'an Abang Bulu' to Apad Uwat to Ra'an Liwan to Punang Dalih to Punang Di'it to Apad Bawang Runan to Apad Riku' to Batu Kalung to Punang Belah (Punang Balung), Long Metepeh to Meriggong to Pengaran, and going westward from Gunung Murud, to Sipan Pa' Adan and Kerabangan to Perubpu' to Sipan Buduk Buyo to Ra'an Terap to Long Mutang to Ra'an Sedan.
The dominant native vegetation at the site is brigalow (Acacia harpophylla); belah (Casuarina cristata) and black butt (Eucalyptus cambageana) are the co-dominant species.
This morning Saraya Al Quds reports two of its armed resistance members were killed in an ambush from sea near Deir Al Belah.
Carlisle Mayor Alan Toole announced after regaining his Belah seat that he was resigning the Tory whip - meaning the Conservatives lose an extra seat as he becomes Independent.
Cristina Eghenter, WWF Indonesia, Jalan Gunung Belah 188, Tarakan 77114, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia)
At approximately 10:45 am today two crew members of Red Crescent Society ambulance were injured in an air attack in the south-central Gaza Strip's Deir Al Belah.