a river in the Crimea. It is 55 km long and drains a basin of 505 sq km. It rises on a northwestern slope of the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains and flows into the Black Sea 5 km north of Sevastopol’ Bay. The Bel’bek is the most copious river in the Crimea, with an average year-round discharge of 2.7 cubic m per sec. From July to September it usually dries out. Orchards grow in the valley.

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Avakov said on his Facebook account that troops from the Black Sea Fleet, which is stationed in the city, could be seen outside Belbek airport, although the inside of the terminal was controlled by Ukrainian troops.
Yesterday's confrontation between the troops came after 300 Ukrainians walked towards Putin's soldiers demanding to be allowed to return to their base at Belbek Airport.
Unconfirmed reports by Ukrainian media said armed men had also seized the Belbek airfield near the city of Sevastopol, which is home to Russia's Black Sea fleet.
Avakov said that troops from Russia's Black Sea fleet -- stationed in Russian-speaking Crimea -- had blockaded the Belbek airfield near Sevastopol, where Ukrainian soldiers and border guards were stationed.
Unconfirmed reports by Ukrainian media said armed men had also seized the Belbek military air base near the city of Sevastopol -- home to Russia's Black Sea fleet.
A soldier at a Ukrainian army base in Belbek told reporters: "We have been given ultimatum after ultimatum by the Russians.
The AK-47-wielding pair's commander ordered them to hold their fire yesterday before angry words were traded during the tense confrontation at the Belbek airfield in Sevastopol.
LITTLE GREEN MEN Soldiers with no insignia besiege Belbek air base in Crimea last March
Over the weekend, Russian troops stormed the Belbek air force base near Sevastopol and detained the commander.
In Ukraine's Crimean region, Russian-speaking Ukrainians and Russian troops took over Belbek airbase, and Russian naval vessels blocked and harassed Ukrainian ships.
Mamchur commanded the Belbek air force base near Sevastopol.