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1. A curved roof structure spanning an area; often spherical in shape.
2. A square prefabricated pan form; used in two-way joist (waffle) concrete floor construction.
3. A vault substantially hemispherical in shape, but sometimes slightly pointed or bulbous; a ceiling of similar form. also see geodesic dome and saucer dome.
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Two mini Belgian waffles are smothered with sliced strawberries in a sweet sauce and topped with hand-piped whipped cream.
An innovative fourth member of the Waffle ensemble, Strawberries and Cream Waffles, will join Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sliders, Chicken & Waffle Slider and Mini Belgian Waffles for 2015.
The Belgian Waffle sandwiches soon will be served at more than 400 White Castle locations, but are available for a limited time only.
The forms produce 6 1/2"-diameter x 1"-thick Belgian waffles with 1"-deep pockets that hold syrup, whipped cream, or fruit compote, and up to 1"-high omelets that are large enough to hold veggies, ham, and cheese.
Manama: Wafflemeister, which claims to be the world's first brand selling authentic handmade Belgian waffles, announced its entry into the Bahrain market with the opening of its first outlet in Seef Mall Muharraq.
In the piece she talks of her love for margherita pizza, mac and cheese, Belgian waffles and chocolate chip ice cream.
The classics haven't been forgotten either with pancakes, chocolate fonA[degrees] due in a variety of dips, Belgian waffles, crepes and chocolate shots.
We went for it and ordered a baked cheesecake and Belgian waffles, which both came with a tasty fruit compote.
Heidi's Family Restaurant is a bit of a greasy spoon, but its kitsch value and hearty menu, including pancakes, fruit crepes, Belgian waffles, and the ever-changing "kitchen sink omelet," make it a must.
And when you make these delicious Creme Brule'e Waffles with Chef Supreme[TM] Gourmet Belgian Waffles from Krusteaz@, you're saving yourself time and labor.
Belffles are newly launched sweet Belgian waffles, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or colours.

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