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At Home with the Bella Coola adds to the Canadian contributions to this genre, which are more limited and less well known than Malinowski's diary or James Clifford's travelogues.
From there, the place now known as Mackenzie's Rock, the group retraced its homeward route in quick time, back up the Bella Coola River, then by foot over the pass to their cached canoe on the Fraser's headwaters, then across the continent's divide, and finally and freely downstream, moving fast and smooth, on the Peace River to their winter fort some miles above Lake Athabasca.
Fulton said that Bella Coola Fisheries Ltd, the processor chosen to render the tainted salmon, could unleash the potentially deadly IHN (Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis) virus -- with tainted waste from the rendering process being discharged right into the river to infect who knows how much of the river's huge salmon stocks.
43) Mcllwraith found the Bella Coola determining that the gender of their male child would be female if a boy showed aptitude for women's work.
In the evening, Rose and I ran six miles along the road that heads out of Bella Coola toward the valley.
River of the Angry Moon: Seasons on the Bella Coola describes a year in the life of the Bella Coola River in British Columbia, as the author flyfishes for whitefish, bull trout, cutthroat, and steelhead.
On the Chilcotin Plateau in 1793 Alexander MacKenzie observes the presence of a well-established "road" running westward from the Fraser some 500 kilometres to Bella Coola along which Native trade goods move.
The Mid Coast passenger and vehicle ferry will depart from Port Hardy, on the northeast tip of Vancouver Island, and go north to the communities of Klemtu, Ocean Falls, Shearwater, Namu, Bella Bella and Bella Coola (which also can be reached by road).
This state-of-the-art energy storage project securely powers the remote community of Bella Coola with less environmental impact.
The Liberal government has cut a summer ferry run between Port Hardy on Vancouver Island and Bella Coola on the Central Coast and has sunk the communities' hopes of attracting tourists to the territories.
If you see a girl skiing in Alaska or Bella Coola (British Columbia), it's because they can (ski the terrain)," she said.
On a trip from Bella Coola, just before ascending the infamous "Hill," we rounded a corner and almost ran over four mountain goats with our 4x4.