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see bellbell,
in music, a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow metal vessel, often cup-shaped with an outward-flaring rim, damped at one end and set into vibration by a blow from a clapper within or from a hammer without.
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In Leamington, events included bellringing demonstrations at All Saints Church.
Instead of sending a card for the next birthday on the list, one group is offering a bellringing services for special occasions.
Interests Mountaineering in North Wales, skiing, sailing and church bellringing
Dressed in black, she looked relaxed and happy, and seemed amused by the grandiose antics of a bellringing town crier who announced her arrival.
But three weeks after The Journal revealed that tradition was on the ropes in the lead-up to Christmas, it's ding-dong merrily on high after four volunteers came forward to join the bellringing crew.
However, a small group met at the Methodist Hall for carpet bowls, bellringing and Rummy Club.
St Mark's Church in Marske threw open its doors to visitors recently to reveal the secrets to the art of bellringing.
A resident who complained about the noise of regular bellringing was ruled out because of his age and state of health.
A BELLRINGING couple yesterday ended a seven-year quest to visit every pub with Bell in the name.
Viv Hopkins, the tower captain, said they had about seven youngsters learning the art of bellringing on a Thursday night, but were on the lookout for more adults.
These deeds are incessant bellringing and hammering of doors and windows, verbal abuse and threats to those protesting.
Campaign organiser Tony Daw said: "We want to make this the biggest show of bellringing the Midlands has ever seen.