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1 City (1990 pop. 30,982), Sarpy co., E Nebr., a suburb of Omaha, on the Missouri River; inc. 1855. A railroad junction, it has manufacturing (fertilizers, computer and communication equipment, food, apparel, concrete products, whirlpool baths, feed) and telecommunications services. The oldest city in the state, Bellevue was a trading post in the early 1800s and the site of a Presbyterian Native American mission in the 1840s and 50s. The Strategic Air and Space Museum is there.

2 City (1990 pop. 86,874), King co., W Wash., on Lake Washington opposite Seattle and connected to it by two floating bridges; inc. 1953. Manufactures include computers, machinery, electrical equipment, aircraft parts, food, building materials, medical equipment, chemicals, fertilizers, and paper products; there is printing and publishing. It has one of the most extensive networks of office complexes in the Pacific Northwest and the state's largest shopping center.

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The unincorporated town of Bellvue has been evacuated as winds spread the fire, with evacuation notices sent to 733 phones in multiple areas, (http://www.
Benson added that last year was the first time Scotland's wholesale scene had seen "serious change" following Bestway's acquisition of Bellvue and Martex.
Wynstra's attorney, Lawrence Engel of Bellvue, said he had no comment.
We know the ocean is getting louder," says Mark McDonald, an ocean acoustician in Bellvue, Colo.
Bellvue, WA), a custom-built battery pack and relay used to trigger a delayed bait release-system (BWR, Sexton Photographics LLC, Salem, OR), and syntactic foam blocks for positive buoyancy (Flotation Technologies, Biddeford, ME).
The study was conducted in three rural villages Vigier, Bellvue and Grace located at south of Saint Lucia.
flew just two miles away and perched on accountant Sue Hill's shoulder, in Bellvue Park, Wrexham.
APAMO will discuss developments relating to NLC's Immigration Task Force with cochair Conrad Lee, councilmember, Bellvue, Wash.
How about rushing him to Bellvue and taking all the media idiots with him?
Reconciliation Originally the banquet, hosted by German president, Horst Kohler, was to be held in the Schloss Bellvue state house, but it is being renovated.
With no fewer than 140 entries victors are having to return to the Bellvue Sports Centre for the finals either on Saturday or the following weekend.