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Jenny Smith, from Saltburn, has been attending Denise's classes for eight years and enjoys bellydancing at JJB, Middlesbrough and at the Wilson Institute, Long Newton, every Sunday.
The health benefits of bellydancing don't stop there.
In one Facebook entry, a friend asked Dorothy why she had not posted photos of herself from a recent bellydancing performance.
Bellydancing and bungee jumping are just a few of the activities on offer on Sunday, World Mental Health Day, from 11am to 4pm.
Lady Godiva, aka Pru Po rretta will open the Positive Images Multicultural Festival outside thwe Central Library which starts with a kick boxing demonstration and will be followed by a Chinese fan dance and a mix of bhangra, Bollywood and bellydancing.
Liz once appeared in a bellydancing calendar to raise money for human rights organisation Amnesty International.
Fitness benefit: Releases the hips and pelvis - used in birth dancing, where bellydancing has its origins.
Because the 31-year-old, from Longbenton, Newcastle, is a bellydancing teacher and has toured the globe to perform.
The image, entitled Klara And Edda Bellydancing, depicts an image of two young girls.
Music will be provided by Ben Scharf, the Anvil Blasters, Brad Tisdel, Dennis Fehling and Karen Therese, with bellydancing by Raqsafar Bellydance.