Apollo Belvedere

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Apollo Belvedere:

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, in Greek religion and mythology, one of the most important Olympian gods, concerned especially with prophecy, medicine, music and poetry, archery, and various bucolic arts, particularly the care of flocks and herds.
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, in Greek religion.
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The Belvedere Apollo (1542-1543) in Bronze by Francesco Primaticcio at Louvre Abu Dhabi.
My interest has been drawn to the final resting place of Amelia Earhart, the Japanese tsunami of March 2011, Genghis Khan, the Belvedere Apollo statue being dug up in 1489, the Pendle Witch trial, etc.
The point of the picture is that when the museum falls to ruin, as all grand schemes do, the Belvedere Apollo and the creative artist will continue their dialogue undisturbed.