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(also Bavemba, Vavemba, Muemba), a people inhabiting the northern part of Zambia and the neighboring regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaïre). Separate groups of Bemba live in Tanzania. They number about 1,700,000 (1967 estimate). Their language, Chichemba, is related to the central group of the Bantu family. Most Bemba retain local traditional beliefs, although some are Christian. The group is divided into various tribes including the Bemba, Bisa (Avisa), Lala (Bukanda), Kaonde, Ashi (Baushi), Ambo, Senga, and others. Their basic occupation is slash-and-burn agriculture (millet, sorghum, manioc, and so on). A significant number of Bemba also work in mining enterprises.


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Jean-Pierre Bemba was the president of the Mouvement de Liberation du Congo (MLC) and commander of its military arm, the Armee de Liberation du Congo (ALC).
To give you an example, without the cooperation of states, the recent synchronised arrest of four individuals for offences against the administration of justice in the Bemba case would not have been possible.
She was an ordinary rural Bemba woman, later famously known as Lenshina, an indigenous name for Regina.
TEAMS Raiders), Jacob Castleford Tigers), Moss (both Pring (both Leeds London Broncos), I Wilkes (all North (Salford City Parry, Reece (South (Warrington (both Wigan Dragons), Barthau Bemba (Lzignan), Bentley Dragons), Elima (Lzignan), Guiraud (Toulouse), Maria Mounis (Saint-Estve XIII Catalan Dragons), Lot), Soubeyras Dragons), Stacul Tisseyre (Lzignan).
These include: the former Vice President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean Pierre Bemba, the former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo and Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the former Libyan leader.
Such major political and military leaders as Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic, Charles Taylor, Jean Kambanda, Moammar Gadhafi, Omar al-Bashir, Jean-Pierre Bemba and others have been indicted -- and many prosecuted -- during this period.
The last article in this issue, "In Search of Doctor Dolittle in Zambian Bemba Fiction" is by Bernard Mwansa Nchindila.
Furthermore, the Hague tribunal is currently prosecuting a case related to crimes committed in the CAR by the former Vice President of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba who is currently tried at The Hague (Netherlands) by the ICC.
Jean-Pierre Bemba, former vice-president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has gone on trial for rape and murder allegedly committed by his troops in the neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR).
The emerald has been named "Insofu" (or "elephant" in the vernacular of the Bemba people indigenous to this region) in consideration of its size and in honour of the World Land Trust's "Wild Lands Elephant Corridor Project", of which Gemfields is a participant.