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(also Bavemba, Vavemba, Muemba), a people inhabiting the northern part of Zambia and the neighboring regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaïre). Separate groups of Bemba live in Tanzania. They number about 1,700,000 (1967 estimate). Their language, Chichemba, is related to the central group of the Bantu family. Most Bemba retain local traditional beliefs, although some are Christian. The group is divided into various tribes including the Bemba, Bisa (Avisa), Lala (Bukanda), Kaonde, Ashi (Baushi), Ambo, Senga, and others. Their basic occupation is slash-and-burn agriculture (millet, sorghum, manioc, and so on). A significant number of Bemba also work in mining enterprises.


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Indeed Stephen Mpashi has written quite widely in Bemba.
Most of Mpashi's Bemba books are stocked in the University of South Africa library.
During spring, Kampinda goes to cut the trees on his farm in order to burn them as fertiliser in preparation for the farming season in what is known among the Bemba people as "citemene".
Monogamy is practised in the Bemba traditions and polygamy is only reserved for the royalty.