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Ben Ezra:

see Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben MeirIbn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir
, c.1089–1164, Jewish grammarian, commentator, poet, philosopher, and astronomer, b. Tudela, Spain. He traveled widely and wrote a number of ethical treatises, poems, and other works.
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Stokl Ben Ezra argues for a distinction between older (Caves 1 and 4) and newer (Caves 2, 3, 5, 6, and 11) scroll deposits.
Located in the heart of Fustat, the Ben Ezra Synagogue was a center of prayer, study and celebration for Egyptian Jews from at least the 10th century.
The documents were part of the Cairo Genizah collection found in the "sacred storeroom" of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Egypt's capital and brought back to the UK in 1896.
With the Ben Ezra Synagogue subtly nestled in the complex of churches, this special neighbourhood serves as a perfect display of the three heavenly religions embraced in Egypt.
Reste a mentionner d'autres lieux touristiques au Caire comme : le parc Al-Azhar, le Musee d'Arts islamiques, le palais d'Abdine, le palais d'Al-Manial, le tour du Caire, le synagogue Ben Ezra, l'Eglise Sainte Barbara, la mosquee Ibn Tulun et le musee Gayer-Andersen, la mosquee Al-Azhar, la vieille ville du Caire, la mosquee Al-Fath, la mosquee Al-Hakim, l'Ele Gezira, l'Ele Roda, la cite de morts, Bab El-Ftouh, le quartier islamique, le Khan El-Khalili, la mosquee Ar-Rifai, les mosquees et medersas du Sultan Hassan, le musee copte du Caire, la Townhouse gallery et la villa Empain.
Spoken by a Victorian capitalist and by a Scotsman who works on one of this magnate's ships, this pairing not only links the two men to each other but also yokes "The Bishop Orders His Tomb" to "Rabbi Ben Ezra.
ClearOne is an ideal match for VCON as it enhances the quality of video conferencing with ClearOne's HDConference[TM] audio processing technology and products," said Isaac Ben Ezra, CEO of VCON.
In Fustat, another name for this part of Cairo, you can combine your visit to the areas of Coptic interest with a visit to the mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As, the first mosque to be built in Africa, as well as to the synagogue of Ben Ezra, proving that Egypt has had a very colourful religious background and that, contrary to the message spread by some, Islam and other faiths have co-existed quite happily side by side for hundreds of years and will do so for many hundreds more, inshallah.
Stokl Ben Ezra attempts such a reconstruction in his long and detailed study of Yom Kippur.
The best-known synagogue still standing is Ben Ezra, located among Christian churches and souvenir stores.
The study was conducted by key experts and opinion leaders in the field of ocular allergy throughout Europe and Mediterranean area and lead by Pr David Ben Ezra, Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, Jerusalem, who first reported on the use and potential efficacy of Cyclosporine A for the treatment of VKC.
Daniel Stokl Ben Ezra on the connection between the Ember Days of September and Yom Kippur in fifth-century Rome, Amran Tropper on the Mishnah tractate Avot and early Christian succession lists, Alison Salvesen on what she sees as the "Judaizing" of Scripture by the Hebrew interests of Origen and Jerome, and Ra'anan Abusch on the "miraculous conception" of Rabbi Ismael, all reveal influence in either direction or both, as well as competition.