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see BengaliBengali
or Bangla
, language belonging to the Indic group of the Indo-Iranian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. See Indo-Iranian languages.
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It has also been modified in Bengali language to fulfil the subject approach of Bengali speaking users (Fig.
Aimed at helping Bengali speakers discover new information quickly, Google today announced the introduction of Knowledge Graph in Bengali language on Google Search.
In order to develop and preserve the Bengali cultural identity specially Bengali language through countering the activities of Anjuman-i-Urdu, that was functioning for the adoption of Urdu as state language, the professors and students of Dhaka University on the instigation of Professor Mutahir Hussain, Abul Mansur Ahmad and Professor Abul Kasem, founded on 1st September 1947, a militant cultural body called the "Tamaddun Majlis'.
The Bengali nationalist movement originated from the attempts for the preservation of the Bengali language.
Another Indian director, Sandeep Ray won the best director award for his Bengali language film 'Shirno Bahu' (Thin Arms)' in the Muhr Asia Africa shorts category.
He added that "Oman Qaboos" magazine was also launched in Bengali language.
Their language is a distorted form of Bengali and belongs to the Bodo language group, which experts believe to have a strong influence on the evolution of the Bengali language.
Chair of the organisation, Mohamed Abul-Sufi, said: "We want somewhere where we can teach our children about their culture and the Bengali language so the younger generation don't forget about where their families came from.
This specific date was chosen to commemorate an incident in 1952 when five Pakistani student protestors at the University of Dhaka were shot and killed while promoting the Bengali language movement.
Since 90% of teachers and professors in schools, colleges and universities were Hindus, and textbooks were printed in Bengali language in Calcutta by Hindu academicians, it became that much easier to brainwash the Bengali youth and poison their minds that West Pakistanis were solely responsible for their miseries.
19 -- India's leading IT, Engineering, and Management books publisher launched Comdex Computer Course Kit - Windows XP and Microsoft Office in Bengali language.
The project coordinator for the Indian Bengali language version--My Health, My Self--said that their book defied "the complete obliteration of sexuality from the common language" by publishing the first health information in Bengali on safer sex practices in same sex relationships.