Benjamin Huntsman

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Huntsman, Benjamin


Born June 4, 1704, in Lincolnshire; died 1776 in Attercliffe. Originator of the crucible technique in the production of cast steel (about 1740).

Huntsman was born in England of German parentage. The crucible process was apparently known in antiquity in the countries of Asia (India and elsewhere), but the technology of this process remained a secret and was unknown in Europe. Huntsman smelted bits of wrought and cast iron (smelted with charcoal) together with a small quantity of flux. For a long time the crucible process was the sole method of production of cast steel.


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Sheffield clockmaker Benjamin Huntsman wanted better clock springs and after years of experimenting in secret, he perfected a process to produce crucible steel.
Huntsman - Akari and Benjamin Huntsman, of Eugene, a son.
1750 - Benjamin Huntsman reinvents cast crucible steel process in England, a process that disappeared after first being developed in India.