Bennington College

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Bennington College,

at Bennington, Vt.; coeducational (originally for women); chartered 1925, opened 1932. Its curriculum is based on individual interests and needs. All students are required to devote part of their time to off-campus employment, usually relating to their course of study. Many faculty members are practicing artists, and a close relationship between students and faculty is encouraged.
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Bennett holds a bachelor's degree in art history and visual arts from Bennington College.
Matthew Landrum holds an MFA from Bennington College.
Pop-ups have become entrenched in the curriculum at Bennington College since they were first offered in 2015.
Originally from Washington, Bailey, studied painting at Bennington College and received an M.
The Agency of Natural Resources and Attorney Generals Office will host a community meeting on Wednesday evening at Bennington College, will be available to the community on Thursday during the day, and will host an open house on Thursday evening.
Berman has overseen more than 100 movies " including Ocean's Eleven, Training Day and Steven Spielberg's coming Ready Player One " but considered becoming a fine-art photographer himself while an undergraduate at UCLA, Bennington College and the California Institute of the Arts in the 1970s, when he shot roll upon roll of Kodak Tri-X and Ektachrome film on road trips.
Once the creative sanctuary of dancers like Graham, Cunningham and Limon, Bennington College is hallowed ground in the modern dance community.
I was introduced to Alan Cheuse ("Ladder, Roof, River, Sky," September/October 2015) by my friend Mitch Markowitz, a screenwriter best known for writing Good Morning, Vietnam and a former student of Alan's at Bennington College.
Bennington College in Vermont made a similar decision to eschew high school transcripts this fall, albeit to lesser fanfare.
in literature from Bennington College, a Master's degree in Human Development/Counseling from the Bank Street College of Education, and a Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the New York Institute of N.
Born in Cleveland in 1948, Bruch landed in New York in the early '70s after graduating from Bennington College, where she studied painting with Clement Greenberg and Kenneth Noland.
graduated from Bennington College and received an MFA from NYU and an