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On Sunday morning, Chauran, 89, was teaching her final Sunday School class for special-needs adults at Berean Baptist Church.
Some of his affiliations were: Founding member of the Berean Baptist Church of Auburn; a life member of the John Birch Society and former Worcester County Chapter Leader; member of the National Rifle Association; former Secretary of the Young Men's Republican Club of Worcester and the Grafton Republican Town Committee; former State Committee Treasurer of the American Party of MA.
It was only last week that Pastor Harris of Berean Baptist Church tried to teach his audience a thing or two about parenting.
Berean Baptist Church pastor John Lunn expressed confidence the law will be rejected on a popular vote.
In mid October, AU filed a complaint after the pastor of Berean Bible Church in Hastings endorsed several political candidates during an Oct.
OTC Bulletin Board: LFBG), a leading publisher of Christian video games, announced today that Berean Christian Stores have approved the sale of Left Behind Games throughout their 18-store chain.
Front office (California division): At the Red Bluff Daily News, Candace Berean has been named ad director; most recently, she was real estate title executive.
stantially less income from its former subsidiaries Berean Christian Bookstores and Standard Publishing which it sold in previous quarters.
The divestiture was completed with the sale of Berean Christian Stores, a 17-store Christian bookstore chain, to an affiliate of JMH Capital and its management.
After hearing about the holiday party and its need for community support, Berean Christian School eighth graders Victoria Vighetto and Allison Leib said they wanted to lend a hand.
Berean et al[11] proposed a fibroblastic origin for MSGCs, based on electron microscopic findings of anastomosing rough endoplasmic reticulum in the cells and mature collagen in the surrounding stroma, as well as the absence of filaments, micropinocytic inclusions, and basal lamina.