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(bĕr'əkī`ə), in the Bible.

1 Son of Zerubbabel.

2 Father of MeshullamMeshullam
, in the Bible.

1 Ancestor of Shaphan.

2 Son of Zerubbabel.

3 See Meshelemiah.

4 See Shallum (4) and (7.)

5 Father-in-law of Johanan (10.)

6 Repairer of the wall.
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3 Important Ephraimite.

4 Father of AsaphAsaph
, in the Bible.

1 Choirmaster of David's time, or the eponym of a corps of singers. His name is attached to a little collection of psalms.

2 The same as Abiasaph.

3 Father of a chronicler.
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 the psalmist. An alternate spelling is Berachiah.

5 Father of Zechariah the Minor Prophet. In the Gospel of St. Matthew the name Barachias is probably a textual insertion, for the Zechariah being referred to is almost certainly ZechariahZechariah
, in the Bible.

1 Prophet and author of the book of Zechariah.

2 Prophet who, with the connivance of King Jehoash, was stoned to death for his public rebuke of idolatry. In the Gospels of St. Matthew and St.
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 (2,) not Zechariah the Minor Prophet.

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Berechiah explains that Jethro converted and then returned to Midian in order to convert the rest of the Kenites, who later came to live in Israel (Judg.
Apropos to this point, the sixth chapter unpacks the animal symbolism in Berechiah ha-Naqdan's Mishlei Shualim, or Fox Fables, a topic little covered in criticism.