Berkeley Unix

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lt;p>McNealy cited a long list of Sun accomplishments, including the Network File System, the various editions of Java, Sparc's being the first 64-bit volume RISC architecture, and the company's contributions to open source, including its use of Berkeley Unix.
For example, MacOSX-10 is based on Darwin, an open-source variant of Berkeley UNIX.
Joy was the key designer of Berkeley Unix and the man behind Sun's Java and Jini.
Sun's networking environment uses SunOS, which is a merging of AT&T and Berkeley UNIX.
So we looked at Berkeley UNIX and what some other companies had done with it and we realized that there is a fundamental problem with some of the UNIX architectures out there.
he says, "Just as a lark- some lark '" In case something does go wrong though, Berkeley Unix carries a disclaimer which explains that "this software is supplied 'as is' without express or implied warranty.
This particular worm, which actually consisted of a cluster of related computer programs, targeted computers that use an operating system known as Berkeley Unix 4.
As a participant in the Berkeley Unix project, Graham and her students built the Berkeley Pascal system and the widely used program profiling tool gprof.
The user-level networking features in Berkeley UNIX are formulated around the concepts of remote execution and trusted host.

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