Bernard Katz

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Katz, Bernard


Born Mar. 24, 1911, in Leipzig. English physiologist; member of the Royal Society of London since 1952 and its vice-president since 1965.

Katz graduated from the University of Leipzig in 1934. In 1935 he moved to England and taught at University College in London (1935–39 and 1946–50). Since 1952 he has been a professor and head of the biophysics department there. Katz’s principal works have been on neuromuscular physiology and biophysics, mainly studying the mechanism of generation of bioelectric potentials, synaptic transmission from cell to cell, and the physicochemical properties of cell membranes. Katz won the Nobel Prize in 1970 (jointly with J. Axelrod and U. von Euler).


Nerv, myshtsa, sinaps. Moscow, 1968. (Translated from English.)
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