Bernard Lyot

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Lyot, Bernard


Born Feb. 27, 1897, in Paris; died Apr. 2, 1952, in Cairo. French astrophysicist. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1939).

Lyot began working at the Meudon Observatory near Paris in 1920. He conducted work on filming solar prominences and particularly on the observation of the solar corona when the sun is not in eclipse. In 1931 he constructed and installed a special coronagraph at a high-altitude observatory in the Pyrenees. Lyot discovered five new lines in the spectrum of the corona, whose origin as well as that of other coronal lines was established by the American astrophysicist B. Edlén in 1942.


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In 1930 the French astronomer Bernard-Ferdinand Lyot (1897-1952) devised the coronagraph, a telescope that focused the light of the Sun on an opaque disk, cutting out all scattered light from the atmosphere and from the lens itself.